March 20, 2023

132. Biblical Dialogue of Esau, Part 2

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Join us and we continue are discussion of Esau.

We will discuss the following:

Esau carelessly sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of stew Gen 27:36

  • Esau did not value his birthright

Esau tried to kill Jacob.

  • Jacob and Rebeka conspired and stole Esau’s blessing
  • Esau did not appreciate the blessing his father gave him

Jacob and Esau were reconciled Gen 27:41-45

  • After Jacob left Laban’s house he humble went back home 
  • Esau receives gifts from Jacob 

Esau founded the nation of Edom, which became an enemy of Israel

Jacob the chosen one and Esau the one not chosen typify the age-long struggle between the people of God and their adversaries

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Adnie Gaudin