Dec. 20, 2021

067. Jesus Christ Part 3

Jesus Ministry: 

o   Baptism-Matthew 3:13-17; Mark 1:9-11; Luke 3:21-23 (Gosa- “When God clears His throat”)

  • Dove- mountains above sea level

o   Wilderness-Matthew 4:11; Mark 1:12-13; Luke 4:1-13 used the Word to defeat the enemy

  • James 4:7 Submit to God

o   Selection of apostles/ disciples John 1:35-42 John 1:43-51; Luke 6:12-19

o   Healing (i.e., blind, sick, lame, demon possessed) Matthew 8:14-17 and performing miracles

o   Proclaiming the kingdom of God Matthew 4:23-25; Mark 1:35-39; Luke 4:42-44

o   Teaching- Sermon on the Mount/Parables (i.e., the sower and the seed, wheat and tares, mustard seed, leaven, a treasure in a field)

The way to salvation:

  • Hear: Romans 10:17
  • Believe: Hebrews 11:6
  • Repent: Acts 17:30-31
  • Confess: Matthew 10:32
  • Be Baptized: Mark 16:15-16

Be faithful unto death: Revelation 2:10


Chivas Davis-President and Teara Davis-Vice President

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A Call to Salvation

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