Sept. 27, 2021

055. Biblical Dialogue of Sarah Part 2

What does having a call on your life look like? The simple answer to this question is to follow the discussion between Nicson Silvanie, Adnie Gaudin and Kimberly Hernandez regarding Sarah in Genesis 15:1-4; 16:1-6; 18:.

  • Sarah gives Hagar to her husband Abraham
    • Sarah takes matters in her own hands and gave Abram Hagar to marry
    • She blamed Abram when Hagar started acting funny with her
    • Sarah gave her husband authority 
    • Sarah in acted the ability to be a surrogate 
  • Sarah Idolized a Promise of the Great Creator
    • Sarah idolized the promise of God  
    • Focus on the gift you already have
  • The Lord pays Abraham a visit
    • Abraham missed the mark when God asked where Sarah was
    • Abraham was in fellowship with the Great I AM, but Sarah was not

The way to salvation:

  • Hear: Romans 10:17
  • Believe: Hebrews 11:6
  • Repent: Acts 17:30-31
  • Confess: Matthew 10:32
  • Be Baptized: Mark 16:15-16
  • Be faithful unto death: Revelation 2:10

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A Call to Salvation

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