July 12, 2021

044. Unhealthy Isolation

What does having a call on your life look like? The simple answer to this question is to follow our discussion with Kimberly McBride. Kimberly is a servant and a cheerleader for those around her.

  • Kim grew up in the church of Christ
    • She grew up in Arkansas and was a COC baby 
    • Kim said even with her growing up in the body she was not converted
    • There were expectations set for her family
    • She was baptized at the age of 20
    • Kim was riding the coattail of her parents for years
  • Getting ready to leave home to attend college
    • Kim parents have dropped her off and spoke to the minister and said she was in his care 
    • She began to learn how to have a relationship with God for herself
    • She was free to do whatever she wanted to do because there was no parental accountability
  • Kim showed up but was detached
    • Kim was showing up because it was expected of her  
    • Her parents were very strict and she was not allowed to have friends  
    • She had not developed meaningful relationships with brothers and sisters  
  • Shook up, straddling the fence and finally seeing God
    • Kim was in a horrible accident that was meant to take her life but she was still not converted
    •  Her dad fell ill and she had to take intermittent leave of absence.
    • In that moment she began to pray for her dad and began to establish a relationship with the Lord God
    • She relocated to Florida and did nothing for a year

The way to salvation:

  • Hear: Romans 10:17
  • Believe: Hebrews 11:6
  • Repent: Acts 17:30-31
  • Confess: Matthew 10:32
  • Be Baptized: Mark 16:15-16
  • Be faithful unto death: Revelation 2:10

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A Call to Salvation

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