Nov. 2, 2020

008. Playing Church

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What does having a call on your life look like? The simple answer to this question is to follow our discussion with special guest Trinique Silvanie, wife of our very own host Nicson Silvanie. She allowed us into the most intimate part of herself as she remembers being called by God.

Trinique was gracious enough to share some amazing parts of her life with us and I believe many of us have the same story. 

  • How many of us share the absentee parent scenario?
    • Trinique’s story is slightly different than most of us who did not have a father in our lives
    • She was blessed with a father who loved her unconditionally even though she was not his biologically
    • Many of  us would envy her upbringing
  • Like so many of us who grew up with a semblance of God in our lives, Trinique went through the motions
    • The bargain made if she was blessed with a car
    • Attending worship out of obligation and not desire for a relationship
    • Straddling the fence and remained rebellious
  • Mercy what about marrying the wrong man even after receiving God’s answer
    • After marrying the wrong man Trinique had to find herself  and ended up on a journey of brokenness
    • She always had a call on her life but chose to ignore God and did her own thing
    • Met her now-husband before he was a changed man and they both were on a path of destruction
  • Trinique finally surrendered to God after seeing how changed Nic was and she wanted in on his transformation
    • Trinique visited a sister Congregation and loved what she experienced
    • There was a deep longing in her spirit to get baptized 
    • Received a phone call from the Evangelizing Minister and asked him about baptism
    • He taught the Good News and she was baptized the same night
  • Once Trinique said yes to God her life has never been the same
    • Her relationship with God blossomed through the studying of God’s word, fasting, and praying without ceasing
    • She did not seek validation from her family because she knew she made the best decision for herself

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Adnie Gaudin