Oct. 5, 2020

004. Scars of the Good Samaritan

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What does having a call on your life look like? The simple answer to this question is to follow our discussion with guest Katia Prince. She allowed us into the most intimate part of herself as she remembers being called by God.

Katia’s journey started off differently than most. She was born on the island of Haiti, raised by her father and aunts until the age of twelve. She was privileged to have a father who cared about her education and wanting a better life for her. Katia was sent to live with relatives in the United States while her father remained behind to get all his affairs in order. Unfortunately, he did not make the trip due to his untimely passing. Katia lived with relatives and eventually ended up in foster care. She shared that she grew up in the Catholic faith, but knew there was something missing as far as her faith went. There was a hunger to know and understand the truth so she was not easily manipulated. What led her on a course of understanding she was being called by God was a phone call from her daughter to get baptized. As a parent, she wanted to ensure her daughter was not being manipulated by anyone to take such a huge step in her young life. Once she answered the call she knew her life would never be the same.

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Adnie Gaudin