Sept. 28, 2020

003. Royal Street Child

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What does having a call on your life look like? The simple answer to this question is to follow our discussion with guest George Wright. He allowed us into the most intimate part of himself as he remembers being called by God.

As a child Gerge had an advantage that most didn’t, he grew up in a two-parent home and that was infused with love, strict upbringing, and a mother who knew where her help came from. God chose George Wright for a journey that most would have rejected from the onset. We learned that he lived a life that could have ended early, he knew that God was calling him for something but he was not ready to answer yes. We learned that he has a son that looks up to him and desires his guidance in learning about establishing a relationship with God. Our final question led to the most prolific response from our guest. We asked George what he would like to be remembered for when he left this earth and he said “I want to be remembered for using my social media platform and any other platforms to share Jesus with the loss.” What a way to end a segment!

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Adnie Gaudin